Policy documents

International Commitee for the Management of large herbivores in the Oostvaardersplasssen reports:

ICMO 2005

ICMO 2010

Some existing published work

Special issue of the Vakblad Natuurbeheer about Grazing and Grazing Animals

Klaver I, Keulartz J, van den Belt H and Gremmen B 2002 Born to be wild Environmental Ethics 24 3-2

Lorimer, J. & Driessen, C. (2013) Bovine biopolitics and the promise of monsters in the rewilding of Heck cattle. Geoforum 48 249–259

Lorimer, J. & Driessen, C. (forthcoming) Wild experiments at the Oostvaardersplassen: rethinking environmentalism in the Anthropocene. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers.

Marris, E 2009 Reflecting the past Nature 462|5 November 2009

Onneweer, M 2009 New nature: on the Production of a Paradox, in: Virtualism, governance and practice: vision and execution in environmental conservation. J. G. Carrier and P. West, Berghahn Books.

Onneweer, M 2006 An ecology of prospects: Time and Nature in Dutch landscapes Ethnofoor XIX (2) 23-46

Schwartz, K (2005) Wild horses in a ‘European wilderness’: imagining sustainable development in the post-Communist countryside Cultural Geographies 12 292-320

Schwartz, K 2006: Masters in our native place: The politics of Latvian national parks on the road from communism to “Europe”. Political Geography 25, 42-71.

Van den Belt H 2004 Networking nature History and Technology 20 311-333

Vera, F 2009 Large-scale nature development – the Oostvaardersplassen British Wildlife June 28-36

Vera, F 2006 The Oostvaardersplassen, large scale nature development, Staatsbosbeheer



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